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Areas of Specialty

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Children and parents

Your child is pushing toward their teen years. Maybe they’re teens now and you feel that you’ve lost touch with them. I work with preteens, teens, and parents to navigate the very important and sometimes difficult task of preparing for adulthood. Session topics may include:

• Listening to teens grapple with the in-between world of being a teenager, relating to peers, and remaining connected to parents

• Assisting parents through the adjustment of fostering growth and independence while maintaining limits and boundaries

• Working with families to develop tools to create healing and reconciliation



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You’re fighting too much. Maybe you aren’t fighting at all and the house has become cool and distant. Maybe things are alright but you’d like to feel a bit closer. My work with couples is focused on how sharing a life with another person can be an act of joy. Session topics may include:

• Healing from old wounds, affairs, money management, former relationships, and other painful life circumstances

• Building vulnerability in communication to help couples articulate their needs and desires in a way that the other can hear and respond

• Prioritizing the value of the couple as a cornerstone of how to live a life in partnership



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Something doesn’t feel right. It might that you don’t feel the energy you want. Perhaps it isn’t that but you seem unable to focus or find yourself worried all the time. Individual counseling is a sacred opportunity for a person to look inward and reflect. Session topics may include:

• Adapting to a major life transition: job loss, relationship change, or death

• Finding constructive ways to work through depression and anxiety

• Finding healing from past trauma to build a stronger new life

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